Hello, orders. Goodbye, scalpers.

Revenge, it tastes so, so sweet.

What is Fast Alerts?

We are a community built around getting products in the hands of consumers, not scalpers.

Scalpers share inside information on restocks and use auto-purchase bots to score inventory before anyone else can, and then they sell it at 75% markup to hard-working individuals who have no other options. We decided enough was enough.

  • Enterprise-level backend tracking
  • Multi-platform notifications
  • Free alerts for everyone
  • Thousands of success stories

Here are 3 ways you can get involved.


Use our Web-based Tracker

You're already here! Just choose your product from the menu bar at the top.


Join our Discord server

We deliver alerts for inventory immediately once it becomes available over Discord. It's faster than we can alert over the website.


Spread the word

Forget clickbait, speculative Twitter accounts and slow trackers. There's a new sheriff in town.

How this works...

We keep it sweet and simple. You can use either our web-based tracker or you can join our Discord server.

Our application is hosted by us, and funded by the community through donations. The application checks over 210+ listings from different retailers.

It costs you nothing, and you can start using it now.